1. How it worksYou make an order
  2. We pick a writer
  3. Writer starts writing
  4. You get your order done

You make an order

In order form, you are presented with numerous options to choose from: writer’s education and experience, level of writing complexity, tone, vocabulary and so on. Based on your order requirements, we’ll next find a suitable writer for you.

We pick a writer for you

By filling out the order form according to your expectations, you define characteristics that your writer must possess. This naarrows the range of writers down to those meeting your requirements. Once you have paid for the order, all matching writers get an email about your order. We distribute projects among writers by the principle “First come, first served”.

If you wish to get the same writer who did the job for you previously, you need to select him or her as a preferred writer when making your order.

Writing process begins

We provide our customers with the widest range of project management and productivity tools. Everything is automated and is between you and your writer. However, all project activities are closely monitored by support managers. Ask them for assistance or use them as arbitrage anytime.

You are encouraged to supply your writer with as much supportive materials as you can. In return, you are free to request any number of interim draft copies, copies of any used materials, or comments on the progress from the writer.

We normally set writer’s deadline 2 to 12 hours in advance of your actual deadline. This allows us some time for checkups and amendments. As soon as a support manager in charge decides that the work is done as required and meets quality criteria, she finally approves it.

You get your order done

The moment your order is submitted after final checkup; you get an email about that.