9-Year old Gives up Xbox to help Homeless

Most 9-year olds in today’s world would not think of many others such as helping the homeless. One boy in Ohio named Mikah thought about that very thing when given a choice. He was with his grandmother, Terry Brant, and noticed that there were people in the cold, so he asked her what the homeless did in the cold.


Brant told her grandson that she wasn’t sure what they did when it was cold. He then tells her they are cold, so she asks him “well, what do you want to give them, a blanket?” This became a goal for him, to give the homeless a blanket. When he told her that she could give him a blanket, she asked if he wanted to give up a Christmas present in order to do so.

When they arrived home, he told her “If the XBox is $300, and the blankets are $10 then I can buy 30 blankets.” He admits that he feels really good about his decision. When asked about it, he said: “Feels really good, a lot of people said ‘you did good’ and it just feels really good.” His mother said that a few years ago, they hit a financial struggle and ended up staying in a shelter for a few weeks.


Due to Mikah, about 60 blankets have been provided to the same emergency shelter program that helped Mikah’s family so they could provide some blankets to help keep the homeless warm. The program’s director has started to pass out blankets with a special note handwritten by Mikah that reads  “They gave me a blanket, but I had to leave it. That’s why I want you to have your own blanket. Today, I live in my own house, and someday you will too. Your friend Mikah.”

Santa is currently trying to get Mikah an Xbox he so desperately wanted. What do you think of what Mikah did? Do you hope he gets an Xbox for Christmas?


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