Battle Sobek in Assassin’s Creed Origins for a Limited Time

From November 21 to November 28 you can take on Ubisoft’s new Trial of the Gods and earn yourself another piece of Anubis Gear.

The second in-game event for Assassin’s Creed Origins has begun. This time players will face off against Sobek, god of water and fertility. He’s also a giant crocodile if you hadn’t noticed. Players will have one week to challenge this diety and earn another piece of Anubis gear before he disappears like Anubis.

You will face off against Sobek in the Faiyum, set your quest marker if you are unsure where to find him. It looks like some of the techniques used in the Anubis battle, such as health buffing weapons and agility skills, will carry over to your fight with Sobek but be prepared for more physical attacks like ground pounding compared to Anubis. You may have also spotted oil jars in the preview video, those are likely for taking out his children, crocodiles, which will replace the hyenas from the previous trial. I suggest bringing a fire bow or firebombs to the fight.

In order to face Sobek, you must have completed the quest line called Aya and be a recommended level 40. These trials are designed to be very challenging so it is not recommended if you or your gear are under levelled. If you successfully defeat him you will be granted another piece of the Anubis gear which will grant players a unique Legendary armour once they have collected all the pieces.

Don’t worry if you missed Anubis or won’t be able to face Sobek this week because the gear drops are random meaning they don’t have to be collected from specific gods and Ubisoft says the events will repeat eventually.

The Sobek Trial will be available until November 28th. If you haven’t already picked it up this weekend may be a good time. Ubisoft is offering big discounts during their Black Friday sale including 29% off the Origins regular edition and 17% the Deluxe edition.

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