Classic platformer Wenjia coming to Xbox One very soon

Out September 21st

“E-Home Entertainment, the number-one China-based publisher of Xbox One games, is pleased to announce that it will launch the lush and beautiful platformer Wenjia on Xbox One and Windows 10 on September 21. An Xbox Play Anywhere title, gamers will be able to buy once and play the game on both platforms!

Brought to life via fully-narrated cinematics, Wenjia spins a fascinating tale inspired by folklore. Encroaching human civilization has caused a mystical forest deity to grow isolated and angry. This vengeful deity stirs a nearby volcano into action, threatening the forest and the peaceful rabbit-eared spirits who live there. Only the catlike protector of the forest can save the lush and verdant landscape and its inhabitants.

Wenjia is a traditional platformer featuring huge, distinct levels teeming with secrets. The entire game world consists of parallel light and dark realms. Obstacles and paths differ between realms, and only by dynamically traveling back and forth between both worlds will players survive the forest and its deadly perils. This realm-switching mechanic creates devious platforming challenges, but generous respawn points keep frustration to a minimum.

With a sizable folkloric adventure and more than a dozen optional speedrunning challenges, not to mention truly enchanting 2D artwork and sound design, Wenjia is a truly magical platformer. Prepare to cross between worlds and save the forest before it’s too late!

Wenjia will arrive on Xbox One and Windows 10 on Friday, September 21. Preorder now for $14.99  on the Xbox One and Windows 10 Stores. As an Xbox Play Anywhere title, buying on either platform will allow play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Live Achievements, cross-buy, and cross-save features.”

We’re expecting review code on this any day now, so expect a review in advance of release (with any luck!) in the coming days.

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