Clutch (FTW) Taking Game DVR to the next level

Everyone loves grabbing recordings of their gameplay, companies like Elgato have made a million selling game capture devices, but with the power of the Xbox One, we’ve seen more and more people rely on Xbox Game DVR.

Sadly sharing options from the console are limited, and the hassle of uploading to OneDrive, then downloading to PC puts a lot of people off,

There’s been a number of websites simplifying the sharing process, but nothing quite like Clutch.

Firstly Clutch isn’t just limited to Xbox, you can link your Playstation profile too, and when you boot up the app, you’ll find a list of previously captured footage.

You can then edit this by trimming, increasing or slowing down the speed in sections or adding a voice-over before uploading to your Clutch profile which is then displayed for other users to view, CLutch’s take on social media is fast, simple and allows the usual likes, follows and comments we’ve come to love, but the main benefit is how simple it is to share your content.

Hitting the share button you can grab a link to your upload, or share directly to any linked account, including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, best of all this is supremely fast and works perfectly with a single button press instructing Clutch to put your content on YouTube and then the rest is done automatically, a few moments later and your video is live on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook after only a few quick taps.

You can head over to the Clutch website at

I’ve been using Clutch for a while now, and personally use it as my main source of sharing gameplay clips, and while there’s a few minor issues (such as the size of videos when embedded) I’ve spoken directly to the developers and not only are they addressing known issues, but also working on some fantastic new features too.

If you haven’t seen Clutch yet, then it’s completely free and is currently available on both Apple and Android devices, the videos below will show you how simple it is…

Firstly, edit and upload your Game DVR clip (automatically detected by the app)

Next, share the clip to your chosen networks.

Finally, Enjoy the finished product.

(this video is the result from the capture and share shown in the first two videos)

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