Command & Conquer Veterans Bring New RTS to Xbox One

Remember Command & Conquer? Of course you do! Well just imagine many former Westwood Studios employees that worked on it came together once again and released a new RTS.

It happened! 8-Bit Armies is that game, and it has already proved to be a big hit on PC via Steam. The good news today is that an Xbox One release has been confirmed, complete with a date! Check out this gameplay trailer.

8-Bit Armies is a tribute to classic RTS games and is suitable for existing fans and new players of the genre seeking a friendly approach to strategy gaming. With a colorful, blocky voxel art style, the game is accessible to anyone regardless of experience.

The game is further enhanced with an all-original soundtrack from Command & Conquer™ music composer Frank Klepacki, which is reminiscent of some of his greatest hits from previous Westwood Studios RTS games.

8-Bit Armies will arrive on Xbox One on September 21st 2018. Scribble the date on your calendar now!

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