Deals with Gold 07/08 – 13/08

Bethesda’s spotlight sale continues this week.  It’ll probably be the final week and therefore your last chance to pick-up any number of their excellent single player games for below the normal asking price (until the next sale anyway.)

I won’t go over individual games as we did that last week – let’s take a look at some of the non-Bethesda titles.

Descenders, an extreme downhill biking game, is still the preview program and is supposed to be very good.  Usual caveats about early access titles apply of course.

Continuing the cycling theme and no doubt piggybacking off the recent Tour de France, its namesake game from 2017 makes an appearance along with the motorised version around the Isle of Man.

Finally, the World Rally Championship games are all on offer and all of a pretty good standard.

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