Deals with Gold 18/09 – 24/09

It’s the Microsoft Publisher sale this week.  That means for people that really really want to play Sea of Thieves or State of Decay 2, now you can, just at a discount.  Of course, all of these are available on the excellent Games Pass, but some people don’t like change!

On the Indie front, This is the Police 2 releases next week so it follows that the original sees  last minute reductions.

Next is Jurrassic World Evolution; the pretty but otherwise pretty bland strategy park simulator filled with dinosaurs appears for the first time here.

Finally, a rare shout out to an Xbox 360 listing – all three of the Fable titles are available individually and as a trilogy.  Of course the first couple are among the Xbox’s finest ever RPGs.  Dive in now if you haven’t as yet.

Xbox One Deals

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