Deals with Gold 27/02 – 5/03

I’m going to stop saying, “long list this week” as more and more, it seems an inevitability.

So I’ll jump straight to some soft recommendations.

Aaero just (ish) released some new DLC and is well worth grabbing if rhythmn, action games are your thing.

The Lego series of games often seem like rehashes of each other, in content rather than story.  But they’re all on offer here so I’m sure there will be one to suit your needs.

Poor man’s Dark Souls is harsh on Lords of the Fallen, but it really is a terrific action-RPG, even if it does lack the longevity of Souls.

Finally, I’m going to plumb for Super Lucky’s Tale.  I reviewed it back in November and really quite enjoyed it.

Xbox One Deals


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