Deals with Gold and Spotlight Sale 13/02 – 19/02

What a list!  Huge Deals with Gold this week, tying in with the 2K publisher sale.

Where to start with recommendations?

It’s been a while since Rocket League has been on this list so if you’re one of the few people that hasn’t dived in to car based football yet – why not start now?

Guacamelee is a few years old now but it’s one of the best (or only!) Mexican themed metroidvania type game.

Destiny is on the list, Bioshock is on the list, Call of Duty too, maybe some Gone Home?  Something for every taste this week!

Shouldn’t go without mentioning X-Com 2: War of the Chosen which is the bonkers add-on for X-Com 2 funnily enough.  This is the lowest price I’ve seen if you’ve waited until now to grab.

Xbox One Deals

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