Face The Triumvirate in Assassin’s Creed Origins This Week

Yup, Anubis, Sobek, and Sekhmet will be available this week as part of a community event. Ubisoft is challenging the community to defeat this trio as many times as possible collectively to unlock community rewards. Players can earn up to three pieces of Anubis Gear plus potentially earn the community reward if they rise to the challenge.

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Ubisoft is giving away a unique piece of gear if the gods 175,000 times. You are not in it alone as this is a community challenge so every Xbox One player will be contributing to the total over the wee. You can track the progress via the Ubisoft Club.

You can fight them and contribute to the tally as many times as you like, but you only have to best one of them to be eligible for the reward. This sweet Sunslayer Sword


Even if you have already faced all three you can still earn new Anubis gear too! There are four possible weapons to earn assuming you don’t already have them. You will be able to earn up to three pieces (one for each god defeated during the challenge).

  • Conductor of Souls – Legendary Sword
  • Was Scepter – Legendary Scepter
  • Tomb Protector – Legendary Shield
  • Scales of Truth – Legendary Warrior Bow

Once you have four pieces of Anubis gear you will be able to unlock the Anubis outfit. If you have participated in at least one of the previous trials then you will be able to unlock it outfit this week.


Don’t worry if this is the first time you have been able to participate in the trials though.  Ubisoft assures players that there they will continue to offer new trials as well as adding more endgame content well into 2018.

Where to Find Them

The gods will reappear in the same places they did previously. For more details on where to find them and tips on how to defeat them check out the handy guides I have created for each trial:

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