Fallout 76 shown off in four new trailers

Beta coming to Xbox One first in October

Bethesda have spoiled us by releasing four new trailers for their upcoming online survival RPG, Fallout 76.

Clearly keen to grab people’s attention from the start, the opening trailer shows A LOT of killing.  Not that it necesarily a bad thing.  My first thought: what has Bethesda done with Fallout’s clunky old engine – the video, while no doubt running on a souped up PC, looks absolutely stunning.

Next up, we get the traditional run through of your starting home in Vault 76.  This is the biggest area of concern for me.  The Overseer speaks to you in the most general of terms, as is always liable to happen in MMOs.  Not wanting to make any of their players feel excluded, everyone gets put in one net and you lose the feel of being the main protagonist.  Of course, if it plays well, I can see this concern just floating to the back of my mind.

The 3rd video is the most revealing for me in terms of how Fallout 76 is going to play.  It is heavily implied that players will be able to build their own settlements along with the defenses necessary to protect them.  Since it would be silly for Bethesda to build a world big enough for millions of concurrent players, we’re almost certainly going to see instanced versions of the world, a la Ark: Survival Evolved.  Oh, and there are some nasty looking new baddies to shoot.

Lastly, it’s not big or clever, but who isn’t a bit curious to see the full power of a nuclear weapon unleashed on their fellow players and their worlds?

The other bit of news was that of the beta.  With specific details still to be announced, we at least know that Xbox One gamers will be first to get their hands on a version of the game at some point in October.  You will of course have had to pre-order the game from a specific set of retailers to qualify.  You can learn more on the beta over at Bethesda’s FAQ.

Fallout 76 is due out on November 14th worldwide.  We’ll have more news as it comes out of course and you can bookmark us here or take a look at our Facebook or Twitter communities.


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