Fortnite Season 4 Has Arrived

The hugely anticipated Season 4 of Fortnite kicks-off today, and the servers are already straining under the load of everyone rushing on to see just what has happened to the map. Check out this Season 4 launch trailer.

Before today’s update there had been rumours flying around for weeks, following the addition of a meteor visible in the sky above the game world. The most popular theory was that the maps most populated area, Tilted Towers, was to be hit directly and replaced with a brand new area when Season 4 began.

That theory that has proved to be inaccurate, with Tilted Towers remaining pretty much untouched. Meteors have indeed landed though, impacting a number of different locations over the map.

At the biggest crater you’ll find a new location replacing Dusty Depot. We’ll leave the rest for you to discover, enjoy yourselves out there and good luck on hitting Tier 100 all over again!

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