Gene Rain singing its way to Xbox One

In just 4 days time!

Dystopian third person shooter, Gene Rain will be getting an Xbox One release in the early part of next week.  Referring to a follow on from its PS4 release (only 3 days ago) Chinese developer E-Home Entertainment thought it was high time Xbox gamers got a chance to experience their sci-fi gene splicing kill-em-up.

A quick browse around reviews for the Sony release paint a fairly barren picture – just a couple of YouTube video reviews to be found at first glance.  We’ve reached out to E-Home to see if we can put that right so keep an eye on the website for our verdict.

In the meantime take a look at today’s information pack for more detail.

“At a time of incredible technological advancements, the majority of human population has failed to adapt to the new rules of the world. In the hope of aiding humanity, the veteran of science and technology, Dr. Bill Feynman, created a genetic spraying agent to change the genetic structure of human beings, to make everyone’s IQ equal. Spread throughout the world by wind towers, the Gene Rain proved fatal to many and kicked off the fight between those in support of the Gene Rain and those rebelling against it and the new order.

Gene Rain puts players in charge of the Death Squad, who were formed to put a stop to the Gene Rain era. Controlling four characters LiYing (human), Salman (robot) and Alex (half human half robot) –  players aim to close the wind towers over four main game scenes – the ruined city, the quiet town, the deep canyon, and the dark city. Utilising nine different guns, three of which can be upgraded, players fight different types of enemies driven by an intricate AI tree that allows for unique behavioral patterns. Players find themselves amidst intense bullet storms and explosions wreaking havoc on their surroundings, making Gene Raina truly intense TPS experience.”

Sci-fi is my passion so here’s hoping that this turns out to be decent.  You can find us on Facebook and Twitter if you want to join in the conversation on this in the run-up to launch.

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