How Progression in Sea of Thieves Will Work

Rare and Microsoft have not let many details about their pirate-themed MMO slip until now. Sea of Thieves‘ Design Director Mike Chapman explains how players will build their reputation as a legendary pirate with customization, trading companies, voyages, and more.

Sea of Thieves is a pirate paradise that players can explore. It is full of mystery and dangers like stormy seas, old pirate caves, and of course other players. It is an MMO so you will encounter plenty of real people off on their quest to become a legendary pirate as well.

You will be able to visit vendors in the game to purchase customizable items that will help you create the pirate you want to play. Creating that unique look is the first step toward creating a legend.

Sea of Thieves Customization Items

Trading Companies & Voyages

The outposts are populated with NPCs that represent diffrerent trading companies. These are designed to represent different play styles. Each will allow you build a reputation that will unlock titles and unique items. The factions are:

  • The Gold Horders
  • Merchant Alliance
  • The Order of Souls

Players will purchase “favoured activities” from the factions. Among the activities, you can do to earn favor in the various factions are voyagers.They are basically quests for the purpose of this game. These are represented by physical items other players can see in the game. As you progress with each faction the voyages will become more difficult but also more rewarding.

Now a pirate can’t do much alone so you will need a crew and a ship. Players can bring their quests to the table and the crew will vote on which to pursue next. There are advantages to being part of a crew because it allows you to take part in voyagers you may not have access to.

Sea of Thieves Voyage Vote

Sea of Thieves has avoided the some of the usual RPG structures like special weapon stats or overpowered players. This means there are no barriers to sharing the game experience. All voyages can be shared even if your friends are not at your level. Your success is based on your experience (as opposed to XP) and the knowledge you gain about the islands to solve riddles or how to effectively use weapons.

Diversity of activities is important to the developement team. The three faction represent very different kinds of activities. The Gold Horders are after chests and will pay you a cut to retreive them. Hunting down this treasure will require you solve riddles, navigate the islands, and even fight offf the undead.

The Merchant Alliance may ask you to carry or collect supplies including some of the games wildlife. Wildlife plays a big part in the game. Watch out for other pirates though, that cargo is valuable.

Sea of Thieves Pirate Bounty

The Orders of Souls focus on the world’s magic element and encourage players to hunt down infamous undead pirates.  These are combat focused missions that include fighting skeleton pirates, raiding forts, and more.

Microsoft confirmed that Sea of Thieves will be available March 20th, exclusively for Xbox One and Windows 10. If it sounds really exciting pre-ordering your copy will make you eligible for the beta sometime early next year.

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