Microsoft Announces Forza Horizon 4 With An All Seasons Trailer At E3 2018

Microsoft’s E3 2018 Conference appears to be a huge success with several world premieres along with some huge Exclusives. One of these was fan favourite racing game Forza Horizon 4. Set in the UK this time around, our first look trailer was designed to show off Forza’s ever-changing weather system, in typically British fashion. The trailer shows how the diverse weather effects can change the landscape, driving conditions and gameplay. The trailer also highlights the massive open world.  Unlike previous Horizon games every player you encounter in this world is a real player. With seamless co-op link up and an in-game chat shortcut with the D-Pad its easier to chat and link up to drift, race or just explore the beautiful landscape that is Britain.

Pre-order the Ultimate Edition and get 4-day early access, two expansion packs, Car Pass, VIP Membership, and more!

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