New Story Trailer for Madmind Studios Upcoming Game Agony

If you haven’t checked out or seen any information in the upcoming title Agony then now is the time to do so!

Madmind Studio have released a new story based trailer, the trailer has a rustic guy narrating some of the story you will be seeing along with a game play clip with some disturbing scenes involving nudity and weird creatures.

Along with the trailer a Press release was released. The press release below was translated from German.

“The title, which was initially successfully funded on Kickstarter, can be found in countless Top Horror Games 2018, throwing players into the brutal dystopia of a twisted world. Captured in this mother of all hellish visions, it’s not just about securing your own survival, but also unlocking the mystery behind the mysterious Red Goddess, the mistress of this nightmare! As the architect of this soul-eating purgatory, she seems to be the only hope to leave the darkness – but as so often, there’s more behind the stories than the eye realizes at first sight. Hunted by the incarnations of the worst nightmares of humanity, players can take on demons and other poor souls to make their way back into the light.

In addition to an extensive story mode, Agony includes an open challenge system that puts players on different survival tasks, always on the hunt for a new high score. More information about Agony mode coming soon.”


Agony is releasing on Xbox One from  May 29th 2018.

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