Overload Kickstarter ends today

Today is the last day for the Kickstarter campaign backing Overload – an in development, six-degrees-of-freedom shooter, from the creators of the video game legend that was Descent.

In fact, we are now five hours away from the campaign’s end, and it’s touch and go whether or not the title will hit it’s fundraising goal of $300,000 with the total currently sitting at $279,513, leaving just over $20,000 to raise in just five hours! Tough one! I for one hope it makes it, the game looks awesome in the Prototype Trailer below and you can having nothing but full faith in a team that gave us Descent! Overload looks exactly as I would imagine a Descent would do on today’s tech, and that is one hell of an exciting prospect!

“This past week has seen our backers and pledges skyrocketing, with yesterday being our 2nd best day (after the launch day)!  We’ll need this final 24 hours to be the best of all if we’re going to reach our goal, and we believe it will happen.  The community has been absolutely awesome in their support, and we really want to thank everyone for their enthusiasm for Overload!” says Mike Kulas, co-founder of Revival Productions.

The Revival Productions Team is live streaming the final day on their Twitch Channel and hope everyone will join them.  Here are highlights of what is to come in the marathon session:

  • Giveaways of signed merchandise (boxes/magazines of D1/D2/FreeSpace/etc).
  • Lots of Descent 1/2/3 team alumni from Volition stop by!
  • Matt Toschlog and Dan Wentz join us in person (Matt works out of Ann Arbor, Dan out of the Chicago area)!
  • We’ll take some Skype calls from viewers to discuss Overload, our past games, and whatever else comes to mind.
  • See the unveiling of Overload’s Visual History, a behind-the-scenes look at how the game came to be, and almost came apart.
  • We’ll attempt to play the VR build with the Oculus Rift live on stream.
  • We’re going to play lots of games, including Overload, D1/D2, Sublevel Zero, D:U, Hearthstone (sure why not!), and some Radiangames’ titles like Inferno 2
  • We’ll re-balance many aspects of the game based on feedback from players (for fun, not final balance)
  • Watch Chris sketch some new robot designs!
  • Watch Luke create an entirely new level for Challenge Mode!
  • We’ll put up a new build with the balance changes (and optional cockpit)!

To keep an eye on the Kickstarter for Overload and find out whether or not it hits target, click here. You can also keep upto date with the title behind the end of the fundraiser at


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