Overwatch : Hero 27 – Brigitte confirmed!

We love Overwatch, pick any game from the last 18 months and you’ll still find us on Overwatch more, nearly two years down the track it’s still moving at spped with great support, regular events and free maps and characters, and while the second Luna event, ‘Year of the Dog’ still has 6 days left to run, today, the Overwatch team have confirmed Hero 27…

Brigitte Lindholm, daughter of Torbjorn, is a support character with a difference, tank like abilities will put her somewhere between the likes of Reinhardt and healers like Zenyetta and Lucio..

Recent leaks and information looking at her weapon had made it pretty clear, but here’s the full announcement from Jeff Keplin, but a few key points are…

Reinhardt like Melee attacks, shield similar to Reinhardt but smaller, healing ability which can add armour if healing isn’t required and an Ult which will increase Bigitte’s speed while adding armour to all nearby allies.

Brigitte also has her own origin story which can be seen below.

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