Past Cure, Psychological Thriller just around the corner

Quantum Break might have been almost two years ago, but I’ve not seen much since that’s promised a cinematic story-driven experience while still maintaining the fun and interactivity of a game, but all that changed today when I watched the new story trailer for Past Cure…

Past Cure, is an intense, cinematic, story-driven experience that challenges the player with mind-bending abilities including everyone’s favorite ‘Max Payne’ style bullet time.

Our protagonist Ian, a former soldier who suddenly re-emerged without his memory after going MIA a few years prior, is hidden away in his brother’s safe house, it’s up to you as Ian, to battle with and against your new found abilities to seek out the truth behind your dissapearance.

Up against the odds, Ian’s forced to rely more and more on his mental powers, but with doing so, will reality ever be the same again?

Combining action and stealth elements with mind bending abilities and a deep stor-driven supernatural tone, described as 50% horror and 50% thirller,Past Cure is certainly shaping up to be a very interesting game.  Coming from the small indie team of Phantom 8 Studio, it already looks like an amazing acheivement so keep your eyes on XboxSector over the coming weeks.

We’ll have more news, and hopefuly a review closer to release on the 23rd February.

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