PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Available on Xbox

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is listed as the best game of 2017, and it isn’t even fully completed yet but is expected to enter phase “1.0” on Dec. 20.

The game just got released for Xbox one but is not available on the PlayStation 4. If your a PlayStation lover, then you will have to stick to playing the game on the computer. As of right now, there does not appear to be any plans to release it on the PlayStation 4, making it Xbox Console Exclusive.


PUBG is like any other unfinished game on the Xbox though, so be warned about that. When you load the game you will receive a prompt and your warning that the game is unfinished. There is also a warning that the game may not even be released as a “full product.” Though they tell you this, it is very unlikely that they won’t release the game as a full release, so you could probably expect it to get released fully. Don’t take our word for it though, as that is the only speculation.

Everyone should be aware of what they are getting when purchasing the game on Xbox. The game is not finished and will more than likely feel incomplete. As such, there may even be some problems with the game. The game is rough around the edges, and there could be many changes to fix the “roughness” of the game as the progression goes.


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