Playstation ‘Share Play’ Coming to Xbox One!!

Xbox One users will receive a ‘Share Play’ feature called ‘Share Controller’ thanks to Microsoft’s streaming platform ‘Mixer’

I don’t often speak about the other side of the fence, both the Xbox One and PS4 are fantastic consoles, but my feet are firmly on the green grass I even had a Playstation briefly, the poor thing collected more dust than my book shelf so it went on to a much brighter life with some teenage sheep.

But one thing that’s always intrigued me about Playstation is the ability to share play, using the powers of the internet, you can allow another player, in another living room, sat in their pants to play your game and experience the action first hand. (I’m not sure about the pants part, but surely there’s no better way to play)

The news was first released only a few hours ago

Here’s the quote

Mixer streamers on an Xbox One will now have the option of sharing their controller with a viewer directly via The viewer will have the ability to use any Xbox button (minus the Guide button), either online or by plugging in a controller to their PC. And since Share Controller is built directly into Xbox, it can be used with any Xbox One game. Viewer and streamer can work together in the game or not, which will result in some great moments and even a little hilarious chaos. It’s your choice!

If you’re the viewer that takes control, a virtual Xbox controller will appear at the bottom of the stream on You can use the virtual controller or plug in a physical controller to your PC to play along.

The feature (as well as some other neat additions) will be rolling out to the insider build soon, so as soon as that hits the alpha ring, I’ll personally be testing it out.

One thing to look forward to is the chance for you guys, to play games before release, using our very own live streams, (if the embargo allows) so be sure to keep your eyes on


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