PUBG Xbox One Release Date Confirmed!

EDIT: As we predicted earlier, we hit the nail on the head and Xbox have confirmed, Player Unknowns Battlegrounds will release on 12th December

That’s a little later than expected, but it’s great to finally have a date.

We where also given a price of $29.99/£24.99. In-line with the PC version, which is great value considering the usually over-inflated console prices.

Finally, 1080p 60fps was confirmed, and Xbox One X early-adopters will be pleased to know that while 4K won’t be available at launch, a patch adding 4K support is in the works and should be out soon after…

So there you have it guys, PUBG, 12th December for £24.99,

You Can Pre-Order NOW Right HERE!

Here’s the stream in full from Xbox’s Mixer channel..

Player Unknown’s behemoth PUBG ‘Player Unknowns Battlegrounds’ has been a resounding success in it’s early pre-release state on PC, and after Microsoft confirmed that PUBG would be a launch exclusive for Xbox One X we’ve seen plenty of stories on whether that means on or before the 7th November, or if we might have to wait a few more months…

Well today’s the day, it seems as though we are going to find out the release date in 3 hours.

at 18:30 GMT, Player Unknown himself will be holding a live stream of the game on Xbox One, and a recent tweet has sent Xbox Sector HQ into a frenzy…

Aaron Greenberg is of course the head of Xbox Marketing, so it’s pretty safe to assume that this special announcement that’s been mentioned previously will be the release date for one of the most anticipated titles of the year.

The ‘Special Event’ kicks off at 18:30 GMT, so be sure to tune in to where you’ll catch Player Unknown, Aaron Greenberg, and we’re putting out money on the release date and price being announced.

(Sorry Daily Star, for your awesome prediction of a PS4 release date, dream on guys)

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