PUBG’s Miramar Map Trial Begins Thursday

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is only part of the Xbox Game Preview program at the moment and as such is still missing a few of the features PC players enjoy. One of those features is the newest PUBG Map, Miramar. Microsoft revealed that the map would be making its way to the Xbox One during a live-streamed event at PAX East earlier this month. As of today, you can download the new map as part of a special test server that will be available for a limited time through this weekend.

The Miramar map is not yet complete and Microsoft and PUBG Corp. will be using this opportunity to debug the map as they prepare it for an official launch. Players may experience issues or find limited functionality as compared to the PC version of the map.

The testing period will be limited to specific times this week and only on the Miramar test server which players will be able to download from the Microsoft Store. If you already own a copy of PUBG simply Search for the “PUBG Test Server” to download the new map.

Unfortunately, the European server times are not the most convenient. Players in Europe will have to stay up late to try out the new map. The European (CEST) schedule is as follows:

  • 4/26, 4/27, 4/28: Servers available 2am CEST through 8am CEST
  • 4/28 & 4/29: Servers available 8pm CEST through 8am CEST


Microsoft and PUBG Corp. welcome players to try the new map and offer feedback. They say they will be “actively listening” to comments and will be giving away special rewards to players who help them identify bugs. The “bug bounty” will reward in-game items to 150 players who have helped identify bugs with the Miramar map.



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