Sea of Thieves Developer Update

Yesterday the team at Rare released a Developer Update video on their YouTube channel about their Xbox exclusive title, Sea of Thieves.

Here’s Executive Producer, Joe Neate, with the run-down on what’s currently going on behind the scenes.

It’s great to hear that Private Crews are on the way! This will allow players to limit who they play with, and in-turn avoiding the often unwanted randoms who can quite easily do more harm than good to your quest fulfilling cause.

Another nice touch is the fact that gamertags will now be hidden when players are underwater, increasing the ability to use stealth based tactics – this will of course go both for, and against you as it’ll be harder to see enemies sneaking up on your ship, too.

Not too much information about the forthcoming DLC, The Hungering Deep, which promises to introduce a new AI threat to the game as well as new mechanics, equipment and rewards. Neate confirms in this video update that a trailer for it will be arriving next week, alongside a concrete release date. Stay tuned!


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