Sea of Thieves has a Confrimed Release Date

Developed by Rare and Microsoft Studios, Sea of Thieves is a free roam multiplayer adventure that lets you live that that pirate life. Players can team up to sail the seas, hunt down treasure, and sink pirate enemy ships on the open waters. It is exclusive to Xbox One and PC and will be available March 20th for £49.99. If you pre-order your copy you will recieve the Black Dog Pack DLC and get access to the beta sometime early next year. Check out the release date trailer below.

Sea of Thieves is part sim, part MMO, and part open-world action game. Team up with friends to create your very own pirate crew. You’ll need all hands on deck to command your vessel if you want to rule the seas. Build your repuation as legendary pirate as you attack others on the high seas but watch out as others will be coming after your loot as well.

One of the most interesting features is the treasure hunt system. While you will be able to find some loot dropped by pirated ships the games real treasures are hidden away. You will need to find maps, solve riddles, and use your trusted compass to hunt down treasure.

Sea of Thieves enjoys a unique cartoony art style and its very own pirate sense of humour. The games style may be best illustrated its quirky gameplay mechanics like the ability to launch yourself from your ship’s cannons in order to board your opponents ships.

Sea of ThievesXbox_LE Cntlr

Microsoft has also created a special limited edition Xbox One controller to mark the occasion. The pirate-themed controller is a translucent dark purple and features one gold trigger and a few interesting nautical details. It is available for pre-order right now for $74.99 USD and will ship globally  February 8th.

There will be more details about Sea of Thieves and its beta in the new year so stay tuned

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