Sea of Thieves Sets a Course for New Content Beginning this May

Sea of Thieves launched in March to mixed reviews. Some are having a blast in the online pirate adventure while others are struggling to see the appeal. One thing both sides could agree on and that was that the game needed more content. The development team is focused on refining the game and addressing the feedback from players over the game’s first month, but players can expect new content starting next month.


A key part of new content for Rare is adding new ways to play and keep players engaged They will use weekly challenges and new content to provide players with a range of opportunities and unique experiences to help them create their own pirate legend. The weekly events will begin in May and be a regular part of the game moving forward.

The first content update is The Hungering Deep and will be added this May. Rare plans on adding a new AI threat and, as always, teamwork is key as crews will have to work together to discover and defeat this threat. Rare will also introduce new mechanics and unique rewards related to this event.

Later this summer there will be two new content updates. The first is Cursed Sails which will add a new ship type, followed by Forsaken Shores, which will expand the world map. Both will be accompanied by new mechanics, goals, and rewards. Events will provide unique event specific rewards however the new mechanics and content will remain after events to help enrich the world. This way Sea of Thieves can keep growing.

Among the new mechanics will be new systems for communication and player interactions. Design Director Mike Chapman, says these systems are a core aspect of the player experience whether they are cooperative or combative.

Executive Producer Joe Neate promise three more content updates on top of what they have revealed before the end of the year. Rare is also committed to making the game equally accessible to all players and as such, all content updates will be available to all players, at no additional cost.

Watch Sea of Thieves’ Design Director Mike Chapman and Executive Producer Joe Neate break down the content map below.

Sea of Thieves is available for PC and Xbox One, members who subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass can play for free.

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