Tekken 7 : DLC 2 – Geese flies into battle.

Tekken 7 is one game I love, like the previous few games in the franchise I’ve never been super hyped at release, but when I’ve finally got round to playing, I’ve enjoyed every minute.

Fans of the series, season pass owners and those recently picking up the deluxe edition for only £41.99 during last weeks sale, will be eager to know what comes next after the impressive DLC 1 featuring a return for Tekken Bowl.

Well, hold on to your Heihachi’s, because next up is Geese Howard from the Fatal Fury franchise…

AS you’ll see from the trailer above, DLC 2 also includes a new stage ‘Howard Estate’ as well as various outfits for Geese.

In comparison to DLC 1, adding an entirely new mode that’s a hit with fans, Geese feels like a pretty cheap shot (especially when alternate DLC character (pre-order bonus) Eliza is £3.99) But it’s great to get fresh content and fans of the season pass can lap it up and hope DLC 3 is a little more content rich.

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