Trailmakers coming to Xbox One

Trailmakers, the vehicle-building adventure from the Press Play, Rare, Square Enix, and CCP veterans at Flashbulb Games, has just released on Steam’s early access and will come to the Xbox One Preview Program later this year with a full release expected soon after that.
Trailmakers takes you on a journey to an alien world where you piece together rides Lego style to create the ultimate ride, you might start off with something vaguely resembling a buggy, but as you scrounge the badlands for more parts you’ll soon have a rocket powered racer, sleek fighter jet or whatever else you can dream up.
You’re limited only by your imagination, so will you stick with tried and tested vehicles such as a car, helicopter or truck, or create your own flying jet propelled super car…
There’s also a creative mode allowing up to four players limitless resources to craft crazy contraptions.
The price over on steam is currently £14.99 so we can expect a similat sort of price once it hits the Xbox Preview program later this year.
We’ll have more news clsoer to release, but until then check out the Steam trailer below..

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