Ultimate Chicken Horse Leaps onto Xbox One This Week

Ultimate Chicken Horse may sound like an absurd title for a game, but this indie twitch platformer lets you race your friends through a gamut of challenges. After receiving overwhelmingly positive reception on Steam it is finally coming to consoles. Build levels or race through the prebuilt ones with up to four players locally or online. Risk your friendships by setting up obstacles that you can traverse but your friends cant in a race to capture the flag.

Clever Endeavour Games has designed Ultimate Chicken Horse with a simple premise. Build levels by placing blocks, projectiles, traps, and hazards, then try to reach the flag. Every player becomes a designer in their very accessible creator process. There is a lot of replayability because as you and your friends master obstacles you can just build crazier levels. Compete to see who can build the most dastardly level and survive.

The 2D hand-drawn feel and funky soundtrack give it a unique feel. A growing collection of characters includes the chicken, horse, squirrel, and more and the Elephantastic update features a new purple elephant character to mix along with a host of new content.

This update adds loads of new content including new outfits and two new levels; the jungle level and volcano level. There are plenty of new blocks like the paper plane shooter, wrecking ball, scaffolding, new moving platforms, fan blowers, pressured triggered spikes, and rotating blocks to make your levels even more challenging.

Ultimate Chicken Horse Volcano Level

There is also a brand new mode. Challenge Mode allows players to directly compete for the best time in their creations against the rest of the world. Build and share crazy levels then compete to set the best time or collect the coins in the best time for an extra level of challenge.

Xbox players get the original game plus everything included in the Elephantastic update! Ultimate Chicken Horse will be available on Xbox One December 15th for $14.99 USD.

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