Windows Mixed Reality on the Xbox One X ?

There’s currently quite a bit of buzz around Microsoft’s Window’s division with Mixed Reality.

Pulling together the best parts of Virtual and Augmented realities sounds impressive, more diverse than just one, and after watching the following video from Windows Central, I was left with one question burning into my cerebral cortex.

Is it just a matter of time before we get mixed reality on the Xbox One X?

Alright, with such a bold claim, maybe I should explain myself a little… Well to begin the Mixed Reality Portal (MR) is a program built on Microsoft’s current (UWP) Universal Windows Platform system meaning it’s built in a way that it could theoretically work on the Xbox…

And while required specs might be out of reach for the Xbox One / Xbox One S, Microsoft’s latest behemoth the Xbox One X shouldn’t have any troubles at all and maybe it will answer the few critics who have questioned Microsoft’s reasoning for the One X.

Add to this the recent addition of Microsoft allowing you to use a Webcam on the Xbox One by simply plugging it into the USB port and the upcoming  addition of mouse and keyboard support and things start to sound very interesting indeed.

If a windows USB device can now be used plug & play, and the Universal Windows Platform are already in place, maybe the upcoming keyboard and mouse support could be pointing towards something much bigger than alternate Halo Wars 2 controls.

With MR Headsets available for under £300, it’s already a cheaper option than Sony’s PSVR, and with Windows mixed reality, you don’t require an additional (or existing) camera, extra controls or additional cost, because you can already use a Xbox One controller.   If a user can use their existing controller and the added benefit of voice recognition, then everything is in place with a keyboard and mouse being a relatively cheap addition if people want to make website browsing easier.

In all it’s a very exciting prospect and that’s before you think of the gaming possibilities, either VR gaming, maybe AR elements too, or possibly even using your home Mixed Reality space to produce a multi-screen set-up for live streaming, all through your Xbox One and Mixed Reality.

It’s certainly an exciting prospect and considering the Lenova headset is currently on sale on the Microsoft store for $300 including motion controllers…..

Roll forward to 2018… Imagine if this was all in the plans for the Xbox One X, and next E3, Microsoft can strike a deal to offer such a headset for $270 / £200, It suddenly doesn’t sound all that far-fetched considering Microsoft would be in a position to bargain with various manufacturers as they would be opening up their Mixed Reality headsets to a whole new user base.

I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one awarding Microsoft E3’s killer app, if they drop something like this at such an affordable price point.

Let us know your opinions in the comments or catch us on Facebook or Twitter….

For now, maybe it’s a pipe dream, but is Microsoft’s Xbox One X an even greater beast than we first imagined.




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