Xbox at PAX East 2018

Boston is a lovely city, so long as you can forgive them for that whole “tea party” thing, but this weekend its all about gaming. Everyone from major publishers to small indie games descended on the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center for PAX East this weekend. And we’ve got what was going on with Xbox.

PUBG was all over the show this weekend. They set up a massive tournament booth and were featured in many booths including the Official Xbox booth. Microsoft showed off an exclusive PUBG themed Xbox One X featuring the deadmau5 and invited him to stream the game. During the special event, they revealed that PUBGs second map Miramar will be coming to the console version in May.

deadmau5 Xbox PAX East
deadmau5 also brought a custom PUBG mask which was on display in the booth and during the live stream. Image courtesy of Microsoft.

Sea of Thieves made a splash at PAX East. Microsoft has partnered with Chips Ahoy to cross-promote the game. They set up a special booth where fans could take a seat, recharge their devices, and even win some swag. The cookie company will soon include codes for Sea of Thieves content and other goodies on packs of Chips Ahoy. Sadly though it is a US-only promotion.

Check out our gallery below:

Custom-branded Xbox One Xs

Microsoft brought a few custom machines themed after the games they brought to the show. These consoles will go to a hanful of very lucky fans selected randomly in a draw.

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