Xbox Games pass to include all Microsoft first party titles at launch!

Big news coming out of Microsoft this evening.  Presumably you’ve read the title, but I’ll spell it out again as I still think it’s almost unbelievable deal.

Microsoft’s Xbox Games Pass, which will set you back £8 or $10 a month, currently allows gamers access to fairly wide ranging library of games to download as part of their subcription.  There are a few big names in amongst the list and some very good non-first party games.  But, you’re always getting the games once they’ve been in out in the shops for a year or more.  Not so anymore.  All of Microsoft’s first party titles will be launching as part of the games pass on the day of release.  First up: Rare’s Sea of Thieves on March 20th.

This isn’t just a news piece.  I’ll put on a record what an awesome idea I think this is.  For better or worse, I already pay my £8 for the pass.  It’s definitely questionable how much value I’m getting out of it but I, like many gamers I suspect, pay the money on the off chance there’s a game there that will pique my interest on a day when I’m looking for the next title to sink my teeth into.

I had pretty much already decided I was getting Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2 on release this year and I’m a digital only gamer (for the most part.)  So they’re going to set me back more than £100 (probably closer to £150!)  That’s a lot of £8s before I’m worth off.

It suits my gaming habits down to a tee and it’s an absolutely massive PR win for Microsoft.

That said, some here at XboxSector aren’t completely sold.  What of those people that still collect the Special Editions of games for example?  Does this bring us one step closer to the death of the console and a fully fledged Netflix for games?

I’m convinced it’s a great idea but what about the rest of you?  Let us know in the comments!

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