Xbox One console exclusive Robocraft Infinity launching April

So April 11th is looking busy already.  First the news that Ninja Theory’s Hellblade will be showing it’s face and now this: Robocraft Infinity.  New genre’s seem to be springing up all the time and this one, from developer Freejam, is a robot building and battling action game.

I’ve just watched the trailer for myself for the first time and it looks pretty awesome.  Who wouldn’t like to construct their own robot brick by brick and destroy other’s people’s efforts?  It’s what multiplayer gaming was built for if you ask me.

Even more interestingly, Microsoft will be using the title to expand their portfolio of titles being offered day and date of launch on the Games Pass.  Sony did something similar-ish with multiplayer sensation Rocket League which really helped grow it’s player base in the early days.

There’s a bit more to read from the developer, if the trailer wasn’t clear enough.

“Robocraft Infinity is an all new experience which empowers players to build awesome robots and take them into battle against fellow creators online. Jet cars, tanks, flying warships, helicopters, drones, dinosaurs, scorpions – anything is possible to build thanks to the game’s innovative block-based building system and easy-to-use Bodybuilder chassis creator.

Featuring two different 5 vs. 5 game modes to choose from (Team Deathmatch and the capture point-based Battle Arena), no two battles are ever the same as you never know what team of robots you’ll face next. This release also features new controls, overhauled menus optimised for the console experience, rebalanced combat and the Infinite Cube progression system which allows players to place down unlimited versions of any part, if they have the design unlocked.

To stay up-to-date on the latest information about the game, join the Official Robocraft Infinity Club on Xbox Live, visit, and follow the game on Facebook and Twitter.”

Roll on April 11th!

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