Xbox One X Launch Coverage

One more sleep!  I realise I’m a child, I don’t care – the Xbox One X is coming tomorrow!

Here at XboxSector we’ll have our own coverage in the form of an un-boxing video, load time tests and some early in-game footage of some of the hottest 4K enhanced titles.

Coverage will likely start mid-afternoon tomorrow (7/11) but much will depend on how kind DPD are feeling!

As usual this will be presented by Leigh (LAW3 to our viewers!) and can be found at on our Facebook page.  Later on we’ll move across to Mixer on Leigh’s own channel.

If you can’t wait for that, Microsoft are understandably pretty psyched too and their Mixer channel is already beginning the festivities over on their Mixer channel.

Lastly, we’ll be getting some of our already completed reviews updated with the performance of their 4K patches.  Look forward to seeing edits to our Super Lucky’s Tale and Wolfenstein II reviews at the very least.

If there’s somewhere you think we’re missing a trick, please let us know in the comments and we’ll try to oblige.

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