Xbox One X : Load Test

After Amazon’s mistake, my Project Scorpio edition Xbox One X finally arrived today and, after a quick unboxing live stream I sat down with the new hardware to conduct a few tests…..

Yes it runs perfectly smooth, looks absolutely amazing and leaves me with the early impressions that the Xbox One X is the best looking console game experience ever…

But, many people want to know more than just 4K sexiness, so I wanted to check how load times compare.  Unlike many, I’ve chosen not to load the exact same content, because most people are going to want to make the most out of either 4K or the new super-sampling on a 1080p screen which means the extra load of those 4K patches.

Which means, last week I’d load up Forza 7 and it would take 59 seconds. But what about now, with my shiny new Xbox One X  (and mouth-watering enhancements) I wanted to find out, in the real world, would I still be waiting as long for all that extra detail to load?

In the interests of science, all tests where performed on a hard-reset console, from an external Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2tb Hard-Drive…

The new Xbox One X hard-drive performs nearly identically so, loading from internal wouldn’t make a massive difference, whereas the Xbox One & Xbox One S Internal drives ran slower.  Some say as much as 40% slower.  If you’re running from a One S internal drive the gap in the results below would be expected to be even greater…

All tests were from boot to main menu / start screen and any intro videos where watched without interruption.

Righty, here goes…

Game Title Game Size One S Loading Time One X Loading Time
Assult Android Cactus 3gb 21 seconds 15 seconds
DangerZone 3gb 40 seconds 34 seconds
Dead Rising 4 50gb 49 seconds 40 seconds
Dishonoured 2 50gb 69 seconds 53 seconds
Elite Dangerous 16gb 49 seconds 40 seconds
F1 2017 35gb 130 seconds 124 seconds
Farming Simulator 10gb 124 seconds 110 seconds
FIFA 18 46gb 42 seconds 30 seconds
Forza 7 96gb 59 seconds 49 seconds
Gears of War 4 103gb 63 seconds 57 seconds
Halo 5 110gb 52 seconds 45 seconds
Mantis Burning Racing 6gb 64 seconds 56 seconds
Outlast 2 20gb 48 seconds 42 seconds
Slime Rancher 1gb 22 seconds 16 seconds
Smite 15gb 45 seconds 29 seconds
Titanfall 2 69gb 63 seconds 53 seconds

As you can see, the Xbox One X out-performs the Xbox One S on every single occasion, regardless of any extra details or textures being loaded.

Larger games such as Halo, Gears and Forza don’t seem to have quite the same jump but, we do know that all three of these have nearly half of their size in 4K textures.

Other titles had very little in the way of load screens, meaning pressing ‘A’ to bypass certain videos may have seen either console load even quicker, but to keep things fair, we didn’t want to have account for my reactions in the experiment.

So, it’s safe to say that the Xbox One X will load considerably faster than your existing One / One S, especially if your not using an external drive.

But using an external drive, with all those fancy 4K patches installed, you’re still going to see a drop in loading times – sometimes by as much as 50% 

We’ll have more opinions on the Xbox One X in the coming weeks, but remember to follow LAW3 on as I’ll be streaming from Friday evening, in glorious 4K,.

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