Xbox rewards screw users out of £££’s

I’ve been an avid user of the Xbox reward program for many years, but a few minutes ago, everything changed.

Microsoft have moved from rewarding their customers, to screwing them out of their hard-earned reward earnings…

Microsoft will be closing down the Xbox rewards program and moving everyone over to the Microsoft rewards system, sure there’s only a dire selection of sweepstake entries where Microsoft can give away one console to hundreds of thousands of entries, but the real bad news is, people who where earning up to 10% rebate on their purchases or saving up MyVIP gems will really feel the impact of this latest decision.

Using the Xbox Rewards program, users could save up 10,000 MyVIP gems, and redeem them for an Xbox One X console, sure that takes some saving, but even for 2000-3500 gems there’s a selection of games available, and 500 gems would get you a $10 Visa gift card. I’ve personally got 1600 MyVIP gems saved up, but rather than getting $35 in Xbox rewards, I’ll be forced to accept less than 1/4 of the points required to get $5 with Microsoft rewards.

Now this is where things get really sour, because there’s just not the same quality of rewards available, other than poor sweep-stake options, the only thing that really stands out to the standard Xbox user is £5 store credit for 6470 points…

OK, don’t get me wrong, Microsoft reward points are easier to build up using Bing search and the likes, but the real problem is the conversion from Xbox rewards to Microsoft rewards…

both your current Xbox Reward points and MyVIP gems will convert equally  to Microsoft rewards…

To make this worse, Xbox Rewards has a reward that will give you 10,000 reward credits for only 500 gems, however i’m unable to do so, this automated transaction system is ‘Out of Stock’ so instead of carrying over to Microsoft rewards with 30,000 points, I’ll take over only 1,600…

Even the full 30,000 points with Microsoft rewards would only get me $20 in store credit, while the MyVIP gems would convert to a $35 Visa gift card.

Microsoft seem to have missed the boat with the latest change, digital goods are easy to ‘give away’ there’s very little cost to Microsoft, and a selection of lesser known titles or even better prices on GamesPass or store credit would feel a much smoother pill to swallow than a myriad of paid Sweep-stake entries which might only be giving people a 1/100,000 chance.

But the real problem are those conversion rates, for gamers who have been loyal to the Xbox Rewards system for many years, on Microsoft’s own (Xbox Reward) conversion 500 Gems should convert to 10,000 points, and those should be at an approximate value of £8.

Instead my 1,600 gems wont be worth £25-£30, nope they’ll be worth the equivalent of about £1.80


Let’s hope it’s a terrible April fools joke gone wrong and Microsoft either replenish stock for the Xbox rewards vault or give us a decent conversion rate with some better Microsoft rewards.

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