Aaero : 1000 Days Wasted DLC – Review

Aaero was one of my favorite indie titles of 2017, the heart-pounding rhythm action title from Mad Fellows ( a small two man, UK based development team) was perfectly presented with some fantastic tracks coupled with tense, challenging but incredibly fun gameplay.

so shortly after the Christmas break, with the DLC on the horizon, Mad Fellows sent me over the codes for the new DLC and it’s time for the low down.

The DLC is split into 2 with 4 packs in total, firstly there’s 3 new ships, which add nothing more than a cosmetic edge, but at only 79p each, many will take the plunge especially if they’ve seen one they like, the new ships are called Phaser, Sol and Comet and differ slightly in style but each with their own colour scheme,

In the heat of gameplay, the ship makes very little difference at all, but I can see many people opting for one ship and sticking with it. For this reason, while 79p is nothing in this day and age, I’d suggest it’s best to watch a few live streams or YouTube videos and decide on your preference rather than choosing all 3 and not using two.

Most importantly is the 1000 Days wasted track pack, priced at £3.99 this is still fantastic value and offers 3 brand new tracks which can be played in all difficulties.

These tracks are all from ‘1000 Days Wasted’, and offer a perfect step up in difficulty, on your first attempt you’ll be struggling to get anywhere near 4/5 stars, but with a bit of practice and getting used to the catchy beats, you’ll soon be racking up leaderboard topping high scores.

It took me about two hours in total to 5 star (and come first on the respective leaderboards) on all 3 tracks, but that’s just on normal, stepping over to master difficulty there’s even more of a challenge, and likely to keep many entertained well beyond the first evening.

The great thing about Aaero is it’s pick up and play nature, while equally holding enough quality to captivate the player into returning time and time again for the catchy tunes and leaderboard chase, this doesn’t change with the new DLC and for £3.99 it’s a real bargain for fans of the game.

While the tracks themselves aren’t quite as mind-dominating as Flux Pavillion’s ‘Bass Cannon’ they’re certainly well placed in the title and sit above many titles in the tracklist,

There’s little doubt I’ll keep returning to Aaero time and time again and the 1000 days wasted track pack, is only more of a reason to do so.

 Aaero’s 1000 Days Wasted Track pack is available now from the Xbox Store for £3.99

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