BeatSplosion (Kinect) – Review

When you first start up BeatSplosion things don’t look too great, floating on an automatic hoverbaord, and granted power hands it all sounds a little cliché, but either way you start on your quest to smash down towers of crystals, simply for the sake of it.


AS you drift along the oncoming landscape, towers of crystals come towards you, using your power-hands (a digital extension of your own) you hit out at the crystals to smash them down, timing is key and you’ll soon notice the well made dynamic music beats along giving a great pointer at when to strike, and to make life even easier, the crystal’s glow at the time you should be hitting them, and while this means you’ll miss the firt few you soon get into the rythm.

As you progress you’ll soon be tasked with dodging in and out of obstacles by leaning or stepping left and right, crystals will then come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a simple left/right hit, to smaller crytals above or below you, as you carry on smashing these crystals, trying to perfect your timing, you’ll soon feel like you’ve just completed an aerobics routine.

The carefully crafted gameplay is addictive, easy, fun to watch and even more fun to play, and best of all it’s fantatic excercise.


Now I know I’ve scared a few people off, as soon as you mention excercise when a video game is concerned the alarm bells start to ring, and sadly this will limit the potential enjoyment, But because I’d agreed to review the game, I had to stand up, swing my arms around a little, and give it a go.

And boy was I surprised, I might be 35 years old and seem to have more of a crate than a 6-pack,  it never feels too demanding or vigorous, it’s actualy quite fun trying to hit out at the blocks with enough velocity to smash them, and before you know it, you’ve sustained a hidden excercise regime, which made me feel much better about playing the game.


BeatSplosion certainly wins brownie points for being a fun game, and while there’s not much graphical gloss, and little in the way of spalshy special effects, the basic clarity is key, and along with the perfect rhythm of the accompanying beat, it all helps to time your strikes.

Like any Kinect game, there’s a level of activity involved so you probably wont be playing this for hours at a time, but a quick half an hour every day, wont just prove fun, but also beneficial to your health and not many games can say that.

YOu’ll soon work your way from 130 beats per minute upto the frantic 200 bpm, and when you starting to jump over obstacles as well as the didging and hitting, you’ll really start to feel like you’ve done some work and not many games get you to that point while maintaining alot of fun.


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