Blast ’em Bunnies Review – Xbox One

Nnooo might only be a small developer, with only two people working on Blast ’em Bunnies, but when they promise Throatslitters, who capture and kill your babies, maybe they’re got a big game on their hands.


Blast ’em Bunnies is an endless shooter, where you are a small Rabbit with an adequately branded Nnooo T-shirt, in control of a rotating turret.  The Throatslitters have captured your babies and it’s your job to repel a horde of evil bunnies and save your babies.

There’s only a single map, with a pretty flat area with some nicely details buildings and textures in the background.  The whole game follows a more cartoon look so don’t expect ultra-realistic vista’s, but graphics are sharp, colourful and enemies and coins are all easy to spot, there’s even the occasional on screen arrow if a rabbit pops up out of view and as soon as the bunnies start to pop up, you can expect a lot of fun.

Gameplay has a fairly simple core. Rabbits pop up, and you knock them down one by one. Initially you’ll start with a pretty basic Carrot turret, but with every Bunny you take down, a few coins will fall in their place for you to shoot and add to the bank.  Between games you can head back into the main menu to visit the armory to purchase upgrades from heat-seeking chilli ammo, or a 2nd or 3rd barrel for your carrot launcher, or maybe upgrade to the slower Turnip launcher or it’s own tree of upgrades, or the water melon machine gun, including an impressive 6-barrels.

My personal favorite was the Runner bean laser, and soon after the Leek bullet ammo that looks awesome and split’s in mid air to home in on the approaching bunnies, this made short work of most of the enemies meaning you can reach higher levels and take down more bunnies while collecting far more coins as the leeks even automatically lock on to the assets.


Among the incoming horde you’ll find rabbits coloured Blue, Yellow and Red. The Blue will fall after a few hits, whereas the Yellow take a little more damage with the red feeling more like a bullet carrot sponge.  There’s also a variety of different enemies, Walkers are your standard bunny who strolls towards you, while runners take less damage but are smaller and move quicker.

Burrowers pop up occasionally as they burrow towards you while grenadiers sit in their whole throwing grenades at you. There’s also Flier’s who need no description but the 3 you need to worry about most are the Boss, Golden Bunnies and the dreaded Throatslitters.

When a boss appear you get an on screen warning and must shoot the plaster on his belly-button, and then as his belly button pops out, shoot that to deal more damage, take too long and he will start spawning more enemies, but there’s a healthy coin boost when you do take down the big guy.

The Golden bunnies run quickly around you, and taking them out will trigger an invincible frenzy mode which gives you fully upgraded weapons for a limited time to rack up a multitude of kills and coins.  Finally the Throatslitters pop up from time to time, holding one of your cute adorable babies, take to long and they’ll slice the throat of your children and laugh as they disappear back into their hole.


Overall there’s two main modes of play after the short but informative tutorial, Survival starts off on easy or normal with hard and extra hard unlocking when you’ve hit a certain wave. This mode gives you endless waves of bunnies with the challenge of seeing how far you can get.

Slaughter mode gives you a 2 minute time limit to take out as many bunnies as possible, and with Normal, Super and Ultra settings this can be a real challenge too.

I can’t explain how much fun there was to blasting away at the bunnies, but there was disappointment, when I realized I’d only played 3 hours, unlocked all except one mode, and was packing the fully upgraded, best weapon in the game.

Thankfully a further annoyance makes the game better, because when you’re taking down bunnies with the leek bullets, you’ll automatically hit a pick-up, such as a turnip launcher, this isn’t anywhere near as powerful and you feel like it’s a major step-backwards, but then this pushes you towards powering up the weapons you’re not using and buying the extra hearts to keep you battling bunnies even longer.


I would have loved a little more from Blast ’em Bunnies, a Multiplayer mode, different maps, maybe with more versatility, maybe even a challenge mode tasking you with problems while forcing limitations such as a set weapon. but for the base price of £3.99 there’s already a lot of fun for the price.  My only other annoyance was the sound, with some infuriating sound bites especially the dancing bunny, but the action mid-game more than makes up for it.

There are various extra’s which arrive in the £15.99 Super-Mega bundle such as coin multipliers, and five skins for both enemy rabbits giving 3 skins per enemy type.  There’s also arena skins which will set your surroundings equal to the Zombie, Clown, Urban, Luchadore or Ninja bunnies.

Overall the £15.99 bundle is great for the skins alone, but the coin multipliers will ultimately shorten the life-span of the game meaning the £3.99 basic version is the best value.



Bottom Line: 

Blast ’em Bunnies is an absolute bargain for only £3.99, even if you add £3.19 for a Bunny/Arena skin bundle. There’s more than enough fun and excitement to keep you entertained, and had it not been for throat slitting rabbits, it would have been a fantastic family game. Unfortunately it is lacking a little longevity, with unlocks coming fast even without coin multipliers, and little variation in actual gameplay apart from the extra paid cosmetic packs. But for £3.99 you can’t complain at a 5 hour game.

Here’s the full list of prices for the UK.

Blast ’em Bunnies – core game : £3.99

Single Skin Pack : £1.59

Single Arena Pack : £2.39

Single Skin/Arena Bundle : £3.19

Carrot Rifle Unlock : £2.39

Each of the other weapon Unlocks : £3.99

All Arenas/Skins Bundle : £7.99

Mega Bundle  : £11.99

Super Mega Bundle : £15.99

2 X Multiplier : Free

5 X Multiplier : £3.99

10 X Multiplier : £7.99

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