Doughlings: Arcade – Review

The Healing Hero

In their peaceful homes, located in a dimension far from our own. A creature lived, by the name of Doughling. One day they were interrupted from their lives when a meteorite hit. Spilling a poisonous gas and turning The Doughlings ill. Doctor Morpheus, one of the few survivors left, used his expert skill and knowledge to create a cure to save his people. Playing as Dr Morpheus, you must set out on to become a hero, heal your fellow Doughlings and save them from their fate!

This frustratingly addictive brick breaking ball of fun will show you a special spin on the classic game we all know. One of the first things you’ll notice is the artwork. Full of vibrant colours and bold textures that seem to pop right out of the screen. Even the backgrounds have a sense of charm. Looking almost painted they give a humble feel that helps you to imagine the personality and world of the Doughlings.

However, you may notice the backgrounds becoming repetitive as you progress through the game. Which only seemed to freshen up once you’ve entered a new area or find bonus levels with special objectives. But with a price of £TBC and paired with crisp, clear graphic fidelity, it looks and plays well. You may even find the backdrops to also have an exciting and joyful vibe that adds to the experience. A loveable cartoony graphic style and attention to detail on character design this game really does add a modern punch to a genre that has survived the test of time.

Once you enter the world you will soon be welcomed by fun, funky music that even got me busting out some moves as I went to get a beverage. With the official soundtrack crafted by Başar Ünder, the tracks really add an extra pop to your game. Though if something was to be improved, it would be to add more variety to the music, preventing repetitiveness. But as you play you’ll be cheered up by the happy, energetic sound effects. From every ouch, cheer, grumble and other various noises of the Douglings, you’ll notice it really fits well and helps the game come alive.

You control Doctor Morpheus and must heal the various coloured targets in the game. Each colour of the Doughlings represents the number of hits they must take before being ‘healed’. Another reason for their colouring is using the colour ball power, which will ‘hit’ any attached Doughlings that are the same colour as the one you made contact with.

Once you’ve successfully ‘hit’ a Doughling enough times to ‘heal’ them. They will transform into various balloons, helicopters, rockets and other sorts of bizarre smiling objects. Showing appreciation by dropping thumbs ups power items for you to collect. These power-up items will fill your ‘Show Off’ meter. A meter that is measured by stage lights located on the bottom of the screen, once all stage lights are lit you’ll be able to use a power move to help finish a level.

But this is not all, Doctor Morpheus can turn himself into multiple different characters all with their own set of skills and power-ups. However, you’ll only be able to turn into these for a limited time, thanks to DNA power items planted within the levels. From a muscular character, whose size can prevent the loss of the ball and his Thunderclap ability to shatter the targets. To a robot who can catch the ball and send it back or even use a laser beam to obliterate the targets, all 7 of these characters can be unlocked by progressing through the game and can be upgraded by using vials awarded to you after completing levels.

With 90 levels to complete, and a price of £TBC it’s hard to complain. However, there are a few other things it could improve. One is, Doctor Morpheus’s paddle design since he’s not like our standard brick-breaking paddle it can cause difficulty in where the ball could or could not be deflected on his body. Another was the tutorial which, you may find providing very little about giving you an understanding of all the fundamentals you need such as; the upgradable skill trees that only becomes apparent after a flashing outline appears around one of the options, with no other indicators to guide you. But these small issues hardly pull away from this games charm and individuality.

If you are a veteran brick breaker this game may surprise you, with a unique twist, it will force you to think quicker, change strategy and encourage you to rethink what this genre can offer. If you are a newbie to brick breakers or merely never liked them, this game adds new concepts to excite an old genre and successfully adds a flair of charm that could bring out a side of you that will have you glued to your controller for hours trying to get 3 stars on that level you desperately want! Slapped with a great price of £TBC for a jam-packed game filled with all sorts of spark, Doughlings Arcade is definitely something to consider.





Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 7
Sound - 6
Story - 6
Value - 7


If you are a newbie to brick breakers or merely never liked them, this game adds new concepts to excite an old genre and successfully adds a flair of charm that could bring out a side of you that will have you glued to your controller for hours

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