Dying Light : The Following Review – Xbox One

Dying Light has become an even more popular game since release because not only did it live up to expectations, but the ongoing support from developers have brought around an impressive line-up of downloadable content, but how does the Following, follow up?


Roll the clock forward a year, and not only did the season pass content prove to be worth the price of admission, but we’ve now received The Following, available free to season pass holders, and at a reasonable price separately or as a repackaged ‘Enhanced edition’ which includes the original game and all DLC up to and including the Following.

First things first, If you haven’t played Dying light before, we’ve got you covered, widely regarded as a superb game, you control the protagonist Kyle Crane in a first person parkour genre which includes a few guns and plenty of Melee weapons, as you progress you’re soon leveling up your skill tree’s and jumping between rooftops to chase down the cure for the virus which has turned the majority of the host city Harran into the walking dead.

Offering up to 4 player co-operative play as well as the opportunity to be a zombie in the games adversarial mode, it looked and played like the brain eating love child of Left 4 Dead and Mirrors Edge.


With the Following, you can carry your original character through to the extended campaign, as you learn of a potential immunity to the virus, you head outside of the city walls in search of answers.  Soon enough you’re into the countryside, and while similar, things aren’t quite as familar with so many open spaces.

The sheer size of this new map is impressive enough, but Techland haven’t just given us a lazy anniversary DLC, they’re retouched much more. With the patch for the standard game tweaking many game-play elements, and the Following giving gamers new weapons with the cross-bow alone a good enough reason to head back to Harran and work through any remaining side-quests. Then there’s the new Buggy, with it’s own ‘Driving’ skill tree which adds a whole new twist on proceedings and gives you the Carmageddon feeling as you plough through a horde of zombies.

There’s no question that most people wondered how well the compact elements of the city gameplay would translate into the countryside but you’ll be pleased to know the answer is incredibly well, This doesn’t feel like a £15.99 DLC, It’s larger than some games charging £50, and questionably much more fun too.


With enhanced graphics, movement, animations, there’s little to complain about, both as a standalone DLC  or the repackaged complete edition.

Graphically, there’s still plenty to look at, while not quite as beautiful as something like Far Cry 4, there’s still more than enough to keep your eyes wandering, and the somewhat gritty appearance sets the atmosphere and suits the mood perfectly.

Sure boxes still have that Resident evil style glow just in case you forget what they look like, but whether it’s the bustle of the city or the deserted corners of the countryside, it’s all of a high graphical standard which sets the scene equally well.

Sound effects are quite similar across the main game and the countryside, but that’s because they’re both full of zombies trying to munch on your cerebral matter.  Into the Following’s campaign you’l find the same high quality voice acting throughout and a few more interesting characters to meet.

There’s little to complain about, and while there’s room for improvement the same is announced much more frequently on your average DLC package.



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