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Earthfall is a four player cooperative shooter that serves to scratch that itch for a new challenge in which players of the Left 4 Dead franchise have been longing for. “Left 4 Dead with aliens” is a phrase that this game has been coined with, to be fair it’s not entirely wrong, but it does differ from the later. Earthfall spices up the formula that Left 4 Dead established and does enough to stand out amongst the crowd, so I wouldn’t say that Earthfall is a clone of the popular Left 4 Dead franchise, but it is evidently clear that the previously mentioned title(s) did heavily inspire this game.

The team member AI can be a bit unresponsive to events and at times appear to just be doing nothing, this can make solo and or semi full party sessions quite difficult as you can’t really rely on them to assist if you run into trouble or get pinned by an enemy. Fortunately if you have a full team, you don’t have to worry about this issue occurring. I also noticed that you could catch some enemies just standing around doing nothing, as if they hadn’t kicked in yet, they made for easy pickings but it wasn’t as satisfying as killing them as they come for you all guns blazing so to speak.

I personally found the objectives quite enjoyable, although some of them got quite samey due to the amount of back-tracking you would be doing within some of the levels. Overall though they were quite enjoyable and provided some solid survive and defend gameplay that easily got hectic when you got over-run by the swarm. I really enjoyed how some levels were designed, you could scale buildings and take out enemies from above, whilst your team fortify below and take out any of the swarm that slip by your defence. This type of level design really opened up the opportunity to take multiple approaches for the same objectives ensuring that every time you played that things would be different.

The variety of in game weapons is great and it really allowed you to mix things up on the go, it also ensured that you could differ up the approach of handling missions with your team members by utilising different strategies based on your load out(s). I think this was one of the features that I liked the most, that and the fact you could use printers to create weapons at certain locations on the map, but at the cost of alerting the swarm. In situations like this, I’d normally wait until I was carrying out a couple of objectives at once so that I’d only really alert the swarm once so to speak and that way I could utilise the time I had to my advantage.

Unfortunately I didn’t feel that the story between levels had much of an impact as I often found myself just hammering through enemies and objectives as opposed to listening to other NPCs or the likes or really digesting any of the information being presented. Picking this type of information up may be down to preference but I just didn’t feel hooked or find the overall story that engaging. Although I could get sunk into the game, I never felt as engaged or hooked as I did with Left 4 Dead 1 or 2. That’s not to say Earthfall has failed, I personally feel that it still needs some additional work to bring it forward into the spotlight and give it the true finish it deserves.

Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 7
Sound - 7
Story - 7
Value - 7


Earthfall is quite an enjoyable game which has a lot of potential, once some of the bugs are ironed out and the overall game is improved on, I feel that it will make an excellent game and distinguish itself from others in the crowd. I can’t say I recommend this for everyone, but for those looking to scratch that previously mentioned itch, then I couldn’t recommend it more.

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