Full Mojo Rampage : Review

Full Mojo Rampage
Publisher : Nicalis
Players : 1-4 local, up to 8 online
Developer : Over The Top Games
Release : June 28, 2016
Genre : Action, Roguelike
ESRB : Teen

The Mystical Loa are in pursuit of a strange dark magic and it’s your job as an apprentice to venture forth into a world of randomly generated dungeons utilizing various abilities from the deity hierarchy you seek to impress.
The Voodoo inspired world of Full Mojo Rampage is full of areas to explore, navigating through the areas searching for portals to close you’re sure to come across literally hundreds of enemies who will give chase and try to stop you.
Using simple twin-stick shooter mechanics, you move with the left stick and fire your basic attack with the right stick, other buttons can be used for powerful special abilities which are limited by a cooldown timer after each use.
Soon enough you’ll start to find small Voodoo doll’s known as mojo’s, each of these will reward an effect which are automatically applied, some range from basic health or damage buffs, while others might give a chance of releasing a homing shot while you’re attacking.
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Initially your special abilities and mojo’s are somewhat lacking, but as you progress there’s a RPG-like system to improve your damage output and the ability to craft two mojo’s into one for double the boost.
Thanks to the randomly generated dungeons things keep a slight whiff of fresh air, however chasing away from horde’s of enemies and firing back into the group to slowly reduce their numbers does feel a little familiar.
There’s quite a range of enemies you’ll encounter too ranging in strength and size, generally the larger one’s are more dangerous but you’ll want to keep your distance from all of them.
This makes the mojo’s constantly rewarding, even minor speed differences that are overlooked in many games become a major part of your progression.
Thankfully progression is key, and you’ll find that while slight, you’re constantly increasing in power, which means progression is assured even if it takes some much longer than others.
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Full motion rampage is an updated release of the original title which launched just over two years ago on P.C, this means it’s not quite graphically on par by today’s standards, and the new layout doesn’t stop the dungeons feeling familiar in a dark and claustrophobic style. Sound matches the atmospherics but never really adds anything major, with most narration done via text bubbles, it’s a big of a shame the audio didn’t produce to the standards found elsewhere.
Thanks to the glowing circle under your feet it’s easy to spot your character, even when you’re playing with friends with up to 4 players co-operatively and online with 8 players in the new versus mode.With daily quests, campaign, endless mode, the similar survival and versus modes ranging from capture the flag, deathmatch and king of the hill mojo there’s a nice line-up of modes giving good enough value and enough of a change when one mode start to feel repetitive.
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