Ghostbusters – Review

With the new film getting plenty of attention it’s only natural the video game industry jumps on the bandwagon to give us a new Ghostbusters game.


The first launch of Ghostbusters (2016) start’s off very badly, there’s a long, long list of terms and conditions which you have to scroll right to the bottom of, everyone knows nobody bothers to read them, wether they scroll, skip or accept straight away, so why give a gamer such an awful first experience.

Shortly afterwards things pick up as the menu screen pops up and the familiar theme tune fills the speakers, there’s instant nostalgia mixed with cartoon confusion as you’ll see there’s a very cartoon style to the game, characters and presentation.

Thankfully the opening sequence is a pretty well done, animated short about the Ghostbusters, who are covering base for the ladies from the awful new film. I still can’t understand why they scrapped Peter, Ray, Egon and WInston of course. Why on earth, Sony, Activision or anyone else would want to use anyone else is beyond me and clearly beyond the first two classic films from the 80’s.


Still, Cartoon animation is the chosen direction, and while It won’t fulfil my desire for a true Ghostbusters experience it does a decent enough job of putting across 4 prety articificial characters, thankfully there’s a bit of story on board, and it looks fairly interesting however before you get stuck in with the action, you’re greeted by the pre-mission screen which looks like it was borrowed from some failed 80’s game it’s a call about the mission that looks like it belongs in TMNT 1989 and sadly these fill your time more than the cartoon sequences..

Step into the action and you’ll immediately notice the similarities to Ghostbusters / Sanctum of Slime on 360, Once again it’s a twin-stick shooter, but this time round, each character has their own special weapon and grenade, as well as the standard proton pack.

The choice of character mostly comes down to the weapon, with most people likely to be attracted to the minigun or rifle rather than the less useful pistols or shotguns.


In the mission, you’ll slowly traverse an area, reach a pre-defined spot and a handful of ghosts will spawn, kill those, move on, rinse and repeat, it’s a tried and tested method which can work really well with good locations and enemies.

While locations certainly aren’t bad, enemies seem incredibly bland, and the slow pace just takes away any sense of urgency.  Things are mixed up a little with the PKE metre (up on the D-Pad) to help navigate certain areas, and stronger ghosts can be trapped by teaming up with your proton pack, pushing the right stick away from the ghosts movement and then hitting the Left Trigger to ‘Slam’ the ghost and reduce a secondary energy bar.

Once the ghost is down, you place a trap then smash ‘A’ as fast as you can to open the trap.  It all sounds pretty well done, but half the time you don’t know if a ghost is supposed to be special or not, the main end of level bosses, are obviously special thanks to their vibrant coloured aura, but the method for taking them down is far too similar to every other ghost, back off, shoot, avoid a few basic attacks and shoot some more.

Over the course of 5 hours, you’ll easily vist all the game has to offer.


Thankfully, there’s a degree of challenge to later levels, mostly down to how little A.I players actually do, the guy with a great big minigun, happilly sit’s there, trying to pick of a few bullets as a horde of ghosts close him down, and then throws a grenade beyond them into open space before cowering into a corner while they slowly hack away at his health.

It’s not terrible, but it’s not gaming for adults, it’s budget, it’s slow, it’s simple and while some will enjoy playing co-operatively with their family, there’s just not enough excitement in these reptitive battles to make you want to come back after your first hour and no online play at all to make you consider extended play.

You do get a containment unit that gives you details of ghosts you’ve captured, as well as the option to upgrade you preffered characters, whichmakes running backwards, shooting forward, evading projectiles and repating it lots a little easier to perform

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