Goat Simulator : The Bundle Review – Xbox One

Coffee Stain studio’s where originally known for some great titles, such as Sanctum 2, but during an in-house game-jam contest, Goat Simulator was born, and when footage hit YouTube the internet went crazy.


Fast forward two years and Coffee Stain studio’s have grown in popularity and so too has it’s wacky title, Goat Simulator.

The main game see’s you take control of a goat… and it’s desire to cause as much havoc and destruction across the map.  There’s little in the way of objectives, but there’s various challenges which add some welcome depth.

Gameplay has been compared to a Skateboarding title, as you try to link your destructive tendencies by balancing, smashing and licking everything within reach. add to this the buggy, unpolished nature, and it’s quite normal to see your goat catapulted across a field or dragged through town attached to a bus by it’s tongue.


The ongoing popularity of the original game saw release of two DLC packs which are both included in the bundle, these are Mmore goats and GoatZ.

Firstly Mmore goats follows a standard MMO vibe, with various classes giving your goat certain starting abilities such as the magician’s fireball, and plenty of unlocks to add crazy boosts to your furry friend, there’s plenty of Goats to unlock and 101 cosmetic levels to rank through because 100 just wouldn’t be enough.

Secondly GoatZ follows a Zombie Day-Z theme and gives you the option of being a survivor, or starting the outbreak with both options eclipsing the basic training mode, hit LB to Baaaa, and turn civilians into a zombie and then survive by eating their brains.


With 3 main sections in the Bundle, you’ll be pleased to know there’s plenty to do, Mmore goats and GoatZ offer an impressive amount of novelty making the whole thing feel fresh, and then there’s the usual finding easter eggs, mini games, cross game references, chasing a few achievements or simply heading out to see what bugs and glitches you can find.  One thing for sure, is you will find plenty of each across all three games, there’s no longer anything unusual about the physics making you catapult off a car, or fall down near death by bumping into a tree, and did I mention your goat can ride a bicycle.

Mmore Goats and GoatZ both incorporate a slightly deeper experience than the original Goat Sim, There’s a very loose story to follow, new maps to explore and lots of extra little bits to find, Mmore goats gives you interaction with sheep to smash, NPC’s quests (of sorts) and unlocks as you level up, there’s certainly more depth than in the original and likewise with GoatZ, the task of avoiding or infecting a horde of zombies has it’s appeal but sadly they all ultimately end up feeling very  familiar, and the onset of déjá vu soon sets in even if the initial novelty is worth the price of admission alone.


Each of the maps have some variation, the original map of Goat sim with a varied city from farmers fields to construction sites and tall buildings remains a strong favorite, but there’s also some nice variety from the mmo zones especially the starting medieval setting and a maze that took me 5 seconds to get in, and 5 minutes to get out.

Graphically there’s not much to write home about, after all it’s all down to a game that was made in a matter of weeks, and the same has to be said for audio, Goat Sim (both the original and two expansions)  isn’t about flashy textures, or perfect sounds.  To be honest perfectly sharp edges and superior polish would make the bugs and glitches seem out of place, Goat sim is a broken game, it knows it is, and it’s not trying to be anything other.

It want’s to be a quick fix of fun,  and to be honest that’s all you can expect from it thanks to the Mmore goats and GoatZ the initial blast will last that little bit longer.


I’ve returned to Goat simulator after months and have just as much fun as the day it was released, I know in a few days I probably won’t fancy a game, but next week or month I’ll happily lose a few more hours to the strange variety of secrets, bugs and things to wrap my tongue around.

While the average sitting might not be more than a few hours, it’s still a game (bundle) that you’ll be able to return to time and time again, as individual packages, the extra content of the DLC soon merges together to feel very similar to the core game, there’s only so many items you can craft, and half a dozen weapons seem little more than audible gloss However as a complete package there’s a lot of content to work through even thought you’re unlikely to want to site and do so in large condensed sessions but there’s still plenty of content and value to work your way through eventually.



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