Hero Defense Review

Hero Defense pits you and your team of five upgrade-able hero slayers up against the worlds most powerful Vampire. You and your team must prepare yourself for an epic challenge consisting of RPG, RTS and Tower Defense elements that will have you impaling, slashing, tearing and burning through legions of undead monsters that are hell bent on world domination. Hero Defense is set in a dark fantasy world on the brink of despair, as it continues to be flooded by vampires, zombies, and many more terrifying creatures. Each level helps represent this by having immersive environments and surroundings that are filled with the effects of the chaos that is unfolding since the monsters began attacking. You’ll need to master your heroes individual skills, weapons, runes and spells to lay waste to all that stand in your way between you and the count.

Hero Defense is a Real-Time Strategy and Defense game, that takes what made the original formula of these genres of games so great and adds to it. The inclusion of RPG elements helps break up the traditional gameplay by allowing you to spend time between levels upgrading your characters and your “home-base” which in turn opens up opportunities to power up your heroes even further. This often reinforces the fact that on each level you need to act quickly but tactically to ensure you defeat enemies quickly and with as minimal damage to your “gate” (defense point) as possible. By doing this you’ll gain a better score, items and opportunities to change the tides of a battle instantly with the correct upgrades in place.

Visually it is a gorgeous game with quite a pleasing artistic style. Characters are bold and vibrant, each with their own personality and characteristics, making them feel more relate-able in comparison to some of the NPCs you’ll meet. The voice acting is good and most characters do fit their related personas but sometimes the voice acting felt a bit lacking and pulled me out of the immersion as some characters voices just felt… off.

I never ran into any complications with Hero Defense when I played it, which made it all the more enjoyable. It seemed to consistently perform well, even when things were a bit hectic on the battlefield. Hero Defense is a fairly easy game to pick up and play, the real challenge comes in replaying levels on harder difficulty settings, which is obviously aimed at players who have spent time upgrading their heroes and are looking for something more challenging so to speak. The tutorial does a great job of showing you what the game expects of you and just how to play it properly. One thing that makes Hero Defense stand out amongst the crowd is that you can move your heroes around the battlefield, after initially placing them down, you’re not limited to being stuck in one position, you can freely move your heroes whenever you want, meaning that if some enemies snuck through your first line of defense, you can quickly retaliate by moving the team around to suit. It’s a welcomed addition to the normal formula and it makes waves much more interesting and approachable.

Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 7
Story - 7
Sound - 6
Value - 6


If you're looking for a simple, fun and addictive game to pass some time with then Hero Defense fits right into that category. The game itself isn't overly complex and provides hours of replayability, the story is easily digested and quite humorous at times. Hero Defense is obviously aimed at a younger audience but provides plenty of entertainment regardless of your age.

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