Killing Floor 2 – Review

Killing Floor 2 might have been around a while on PC and PS4, but finally it’s made it’s way to the Xbox One.

With Valve’s Left 4 Dead franchise nowhere to be seen, it’s up to Killing Floor 2 to pick up the pieces, arms, intestines and brains of the Co-op (Zombie) survival shooter genre.


Killing Floor 2 is a confident wave-based game against a zombie enemy known as the Zed, it doesn’t throw too much story at you, there’s no deep winding narrative to decode as you progress, instead Tripwire Interactive have rock-solid, fun and enjoyable gameplay, mixed with plenty of blood, guts and gore to keep you entertained.

A hell mix of Horde mode (gears) Zombies (Call of Duty) and Left 4 Dead, there’s lots of zombies to be killing and each are well made, gruesome and tough either in individual strength or in numbers, with the Xbox One version including all previous DLC there’s 16 maps in total, with a wide variety of locations to explore these are mostly very well made, with plenty of spawn points and enough variation to keep them feeling different to each other.

Between each wave of enemies (games consist of 4, 7 or 10 waves) you’re prompted to a hub for spending the points you’ve acquired from killing the Zed, on new guns, gear and armour.

Using a class system, strangely known as Perks’, each are well balanced but useful enough in their own right, and while easier difficulties can stroll through with most combinations, those wanted to tackle the toughest difficulty levels will need a team of experience and perk balance.


Most people will find one or two favorites and stick with them, so this might make random matchmaking a little tougher to find an effective team, but when you do, Killing Floor 2 is golden.

The feel and effectiveness of the weapons (and that’s all weapons, not just one or two that take 80% of the game to obtain) is strong and powerful, I found myself looking forward to a few certain unlocks, but I certainly didn’t feel like I was playing with one arm using the earlier weapons.

Killing floor 2 is designed for repetitive gameplay, replaying the same selection of missions, perfecting your approach and levelling up, while enjoying quality gameplay and improving both as an individual and as a team.

That’s unfortunately limited in some aspects, only ‘Survival’ or ‘Weekly’ are available game modes, with the core Survival being the main mode, and Weekly giving a new variation each week.


With 16 maps and games easily lasting half an hour or more, there’s still plenty to get through just playing a level once, but the pick-up and play little and often system, is of a high enough quality that you could be coming back to the same maps for hundreds and hundreds of hours.

Graphically Killing Floor 2, doesn’t quite carry the AAA gloss of some shooters, but there’s a dark, grungy look about the enemies, and everything moves perfectly smoothly even with dozens of enemies on screen at once,  the map design are equally as impressive, there’s always plenty going off on screen and it’s hard to pick fault except for a couple of jagged edges here and there.

With ‘Xbox One X’ enhanced on the box, it’ll be interesting to see if the few loose edges are tightened up. There’s won’t be any native 4K, instead the dev’s have opted for a steady frame-rate at 1080p and the equivalent of ‘Ultra’ settings on PC.

There’s a wide mix of Metal music, which in some games I would find quite annoying, but Killing Floor’s soundtrack feels adequate, well placed and wasn’t distracting at all, instead the music ramps up the action and keeps you on your toes just as much the flurry of Zed’s heading your way.


It’s safe to say that Killing Floor is love-hate, some people just wont appreciate the game direction, and will prefer more of a linear story than the action of wave based shooters,

But just like the aforementioned Gears of War Horde mode and Call of Duties Zombie’s, it’s a game designed for replaying, some call it a grind, but others like the pick up and play nature, without worrying about a set route or direction.

Lose yourself to the Killing Floor way and you’ll quite happily spend hundreds of hours shooting down the Zed.


Bottom Line:

Far from a Jack of all trades, Killing Floor 2 concentrates on gory blood filled combat of the highest quality, there’s limited modes to play, but if you enjoy the core survival gameplay you’ll find hundreds of hours of enjoyment.

Gameplay : 9

Graphics : 8.5

Sound : 8

Story :7

Value : 8.5

Overall : 8.2 / 10

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