Kung-Fu for Kinect : Exclusive Review

Kung-Fu for Kinect will be out on Friday 24th of June, and here at Xbox Sector we are proud to bring you the exclusive first review of the game built from the ground up using the Unite engine from the team behind the fantastic Kung-Fu High Impact on Xbox 360.


Back in the glory days of the Xbox 360, the Kinect was seen as an optimistic peripheral that never quite got the backing it deserved, with the dawn of the next-generation and the initial stance of a mandatory Kinect sensor it was obvious Microsoft had high hopes for the device, but after a public backlash, Microsoft backed out and the Kinect became more of a luxury extra.

Over the last two years, there’s not been the widest selection of games, but developers Virtual Air Guitar Company have remained loyal to the high-tech gadget releasing Squid Hero, Boom Ball and the fantastic BeatSplosion.

It’s obvious the developers have some fantastic experience and when we exclusively revealed the news of Kung-Fu High Impact coming to Xbox One, we’ve been waiting for release with high hopes.


Thankfully we’re not disappointed. Just as with any niche area, there’s going to be a marmite reaction, but it seems obvious more will love the game than hate it, with clear and accessible menu’s the whole title is easy to navigate, with a colourful and fresh gloss.

Venturing through the modes, you’ll find the first allowing you to build your own comic, firstly performing a few set stances depicted by a humorous screen overlay that does a fantastic job of suggesting both the position and facial reaction.  These are then compiled into a comic-sequence that flows fluently to outline the story and your progression between levels.

You’re then given a task, such as clearing a set number of enemies or waves, before moving on.  From the initial presentation, you expect maybe half a dozen levels, but this continues on to over 20 levels with the same level of quality and the same fun approach to hitting, kicking and punching everything in your path.


Combat is easily accessible, and it’s certainly worth paying attention to the early stages as your introduced to various maneuvers such as drawing a circle in the air with both hands to summersault, punching out with both hands simultaneously for the important power-punch and a little later on other special power’s which certainly light up the ways you can dispatch your foes.

Thankfully punching and kicking around your front room is far less demanding than I remember from Kung-Fu Impact, the improvements to the Xbox One Kinect sensor mean less space is required and your actions are picked up clearly, this makes it even more accessible and allows you to concentrate more on the game and less on your surroundings.

After watching numerous videos and streams of people playing it was spectacular how little space some had, and how well the game did to recognise various gestures even some that are quite similar to others, but the real fun was actually playing the game, Kung-Fu for Kinect is without the doubt the most fun I’ve ever had with Kinect,  There’s an accessible curve meaning you will need to maintain concentration through the later levels, and more than enough variety to stop it feeling old, I think it’s safe to say your body will be feeling old long before the game will because there’s plenty of exercise when you’re into the game and jumping around like a lunatic, I can’t guess how much fun my wife had watching me leap around the front room, but I know I easily had as much fun fighting off the hordes of comic book villains.


Graphically, Kung-Fu for Kinect isn’t trying to merge super realistic graphics, so it’s pretty difficult to judge this against AAA titles, however the comic book style is carried throughout the title and incredibly well, on screen indicators alert you of stray enemies, and the villains remain clear, easy to recognise and varied as some will put up a slightly different challenge meaning you’ll need to remember which approach is best, and mix your fighting style especially on levels packed with various types of foe.

As mentioned earlier Menu’s carry the presentation perfectly, and while the overall textures aren’t going to be winning any awards, If there’s one for comic-book depiction in a video game, it certainly would be considered and as you’ll see from the accompanying screenshots, we’re certainly not talking about above average visuals for a low priced release.

Audio further proves how well Virtual Air Guitar Company have done to provide a well balanced game, easily on par with the aesthetics, you’ll find the sound clear, precise and especially within the comic section a slight b-movie edge that adds to the humour.


How fit you are seems to have a large bearing on how much value you’ll get from the game, those wanting a workout certainly won’t be disappointed, and it’s so much fun that you’ll be tired-out long before you realise you’re actually putting some major work in, because of this I couldn’t play more than an hour without having to take a break for a drink and a breather but every day I was heading back in to tackle a few more goons and tire myself out once again. Obviously those anti-exercise will probably only look at Kung-Fu for Kinect to criticise the Kinect, however everyone with the gut’s to stand up and punch the air, you’re guaranteed a fun experience.


Kung-Fu for Kinect is available from Friday the 24th June.

There’s currently an offer on the Xbox Store giving you 10% off when you pre-order and for anyone who’s a fan of Kinect, It has to go down as a highly recommended purchase

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