Le Tour De France 2016 Review

Ok I am not really normally into cycling games but I have to say this game has seriously opened my eyes for what is possibly the most fun you can have on a virtual bike, If your into the Tour De France or into cycling this is a really a well put together simulation and seriously a game worth considering.

If you don’t  get goose bumps when you see and feel the power of the peloton following you in your wake something is seriously wrong with you.  I do like the way you huddle yourself up from inside the peloton trying to shield from all of natures forces I have never ever spent a hour or so doing one stage on any game before it really is that gripping.

The game play is really nice it looks and sounds like your really are cruising through France what I will say is the scenery does look so attractive sometimes you will find yourself crashing into a barrier or the cyclist in front of you as I said it can be a bit distracting at times but don’t that take that away from anything its absolutely brilliant.


Secondly the controls are not the best its does take a few goes to get the balance on your bike right and turning corners reminds me of the first motogp game I played where its just looks and feels wrong,  When your going around the corners its like being a kid again with stabilisers on your push bike I no that sounds a bit harsh but when you get on the game you will completely understand.

Other than the controls which could be a tad better the one thing I find mind blowingly brilliant is the fact when your blasting down the road you can get right up behind your fellow racing buddy and taxi along by holding the x button this is great for getting your energy back up and gives you time to take a few red or blue gels to recuperate your stamina.


I have only played about 8 stages on the tour and I still have a hell of a lot of the game to play but I totally get where they are going with the game its as good as watching it on the tv and its is everyway entertaining as it can be and it still gives me chills after 10 hours in, The game its self can be played in various ways you can pick your rider and switch again the stage after depending what you want to achieve so if its the yellow jersey or the poker dot jersey its your choice.

The sounds of the game well its very relaxing as your pottering down past the chateau’s or the various French towns you can hear the voices and sounds of the birds and local wildlife.

I like it so much what I will say that I do love the sound of the crowd and roar of the peloton as they are chasing you down while trying to get over the line and grab that well deserving win.

Overall, Le Tour De France 2016 is a fun virtual cycling game with a somewhat harsh difficulty’s for newbies however the tutorial does help you get to grips on how to handily corners and stopping yourself from a blowout, If your looking for a racing / cycling game with a strange twist this is the game for you….I was really surprised by the way its plays and you guys will be too.



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